Overview implementation ISPM 15 in the European Union


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Develop an actual and comprenhensive overview on the state of affairs implementation ISPM 15, the FAO guideline for Wooden Packaging Material for avoiding infestations in forest areas worldwide.

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Since the introduction of the FAO guideline ISPM 15 the wooden pallet and packaging industry has been instrumental in lending expertise and advice to the plant protection authorities on a national and international level. Key is that pallets and packaging have to heat treated in order to guarantee that all potential pests are neutralised and the transport of Wooden packaging contains no risk for forests.
The industry strongly supports the correct implementation of ISPM 15 en is maintaining regular contacts with for example DG Sante of the European Commission and is exchanging information with global partners.
However there are differences in implementation and there is a lack of harmonisation and this is causing serious competitive and practical difficulties.
In order to be able to address the current status WVS developed a questionnaire, to which the FEFPEB members associations did respond an the outcome seres as input for further lobbying activities and it helps to define a common industry strategy. WVS has been involved in this subject and were able to develop a professional questionnaire.

The report shows a wide variety regarding the implemention of ISPM 15 and it remains a challenge for the EU wooden pallet and packaging industry to cope with the differences. Report well received and WVS will continue to be active in this specific field, crucial for this industry.

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